about me

I am the Warsaw based artist exploring such areas as:
dreams, sensuality, symbols and myths.

In my work I experience different kinds of media to express
the endless spectrum of my alter egos and emotional states.

contact: olazbloku (@) gmail.com

Born in 1981 in Częstochowa (Poland).

Graduated in 2006 from the Faculty of Graphic Arts, Academy of Fine Arts in Warsaw.
One semester at Staatliche Akademie der Bildenden Kuenste in Stuttgart, Germany.

Sypendist of Ministry of Culture (Młoda Polska) 2011.

Nominated for Astrid Lindgren Memorial Award 2018, 2017 and 2016.

Mention Bolonia Ragazzi Book Award for „A Book to make” 2017 in category Art Books.

Must have mention on Łódż Design for „A book to make” 2017

2015: Finalist of Teren TR / new concept for theather, Warsaw
2013: Golden prize (KTR) for Magazine 2+3d cover & nominationin category „design” for sexshop annmarie logo
2009: Silver price (KTR) for Love Story (polish advertising festival)
2008: participant of Animaliter programme organised by Strasbourg (France) and l’Ecole Superieure des Arts Decoratifs
(leading illustration/typography workshop).

BOOKS & publications:

U Fryzjera (2018) ChmurrraBurrra / „At Hairdressers'”
Świńska Książeczka (2017) Wydawnictwo Bona / “Piggish booklet”
Książka do zrobienia (2016) Dwie Siostry Publishing House / “A Book to be make”, active book for adults and teens
Piwnice (2016) Dwie Siostry Publishing House /”The Basements” poems with illustrations by Dominika Czerniak)
Tit Anik / Teren TR. Teksty (2015) / Drama in antology of theather texts published by TR Warsaw
Koala Disco (2015) Dwie Siostry Publishing House / “Coala Disco”
Co by tu wtrąbić (2015) Dwie Siostry Publishing House / „What to chapm on?”
Co wypanda, a co nie wypanda? (2014) Dwie Siostry Publishing House / „How to avoid pandamonium?”
Marcello / Mocak Forum Magazine (2012) (picture-essay) / Museum of Modern Art in Cracow
Złe Sny (2011) Bona Publishing House / “Bad Dreams”
Od 1 do 10 Dwie Siostry Publishing House (2010) / “From 1 to 10”
Love Story (2009) Published both by Dwie Siostry and by the City of Strassbourg as effect of residential stay / “Animaliter” program
Albin Kret / „Albin the Mole” (Story in episodes for Kikimora Magazine)


2017: Look Polish Picture book / Gdańsk, A book to make – illustrations, Fawory, Warsaw, Kite and Trumpet Festival of Polish Art for Children, Łódź and Edinburg.
2016: Look! Polish Picturebook! / Riga, National Library of Latvia, Tallin, The Estonian Children’s Literature Centre, Tallin Central Library “It’s a Strange World: 20 Illustrators from Poland” Beijing International Book Fair, Beijin
2015: Inside Out. Polish Graphic Design / New York, Ola Cieślak, illustrations, The House of Culture, Tarnobrzeg
2014: Illustration Painters / Modern Art Museum / Warsaw, „It’s a Strange World: 20 Illustrators from Poland”, New Delhi

2013: Polish Illustration Focus | Where I come from, Illustrative e.V Berlin, Germany
“Let me entertain you” | posters | Kawiarnia Fawory, Warsaw
Polish Illustration, Seoul, National Library for Children and Young Adults
Organized by Embassy of the Republic of Poland & NLCY | Curator – Jiwone Lee
2012: “Kids Love Design” (dsgnfestival.com)Toruń, Ilustracja PL, Warsaw, Beautifull Books, Bydgoszcz, International Poster Biennale in Wilanów

2010: “The memory of the houses”, Próżna Project, Warsaw, „W pierwszej osobie liczby pojedynczej” Palace for exibitions in Centre of Culture Communication, Kłajpeda (Lituania), Ilustracja PL 2010,Warszawa, European centre of music and visual arts.
2009: “Spychacze” young polish illustratrion, Warsaw
2008 : “Baking tins” Olympia Gallery,Cracow, „Now art, now future” Biennial of Graphics Art,
Vilnius, Young Blood, InfoQultura, Warsaw
2007: “Frauen in der Kunst der Frauen” Krakauer Haus, Nuremberg “Young ones from Warsaw”
Municipal gallery of Art in Lodz
2006 : “Art Warehouse” wizyTUjąca Gallery, Warsaw | „Incidents”International Festival
of Theatre and Visual Art Acivities, Tczew.
“Happy meal”solo exhibition, wizyTUjąca Gallery, Warsaw, “Household animals” solo exhibition,
Olympia Gallery Cracow “Femigraphics” solo exhibition , Jan Fejkiel Gallery, Cracow